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Outsourced CFO Services - Jacksonville, FL

Financial management is one of the most important factors in keeping a business healthy and growing. Even when bookkeeping staff are keeping up with accounts payable & receivable, taxes, and compliance issues, they may not have the experience necessary to generate key reports, analyze data, and make the right decisions to move the company to its next growth phase.

Most small businesses are not in position to hire a full-time “Chief Financial officer” or “CFO”. For these business owners, Brock CPA offers outsourced CFO services in Jacksonville. Outsourced CFO services can be a significant asset to any business, helping companies scale more quickly than they otherwise would, at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO.


By using our CFO services, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of having your own financial management expert and business strategist who can help with things like financial planning, cash flow tracking and financial analysis. An outsourced CFO can help you control costs, hire at the right times and protect profits. They can build a financial plan that works, minimizing risks and achieving maximum ROI. They can prepare accurate reports for board members and investors, and help you and other stakeholders understand where the company stands, where it’s headed, and how to maximize its growth potential.

Our CFO Services Include:

Strategic Planning

• Business Growth Planning
• Financial Projections Models & Budgets
• Benchmarking & Financial Metrics
• Cash Flow & Budget Forecasting
• Break-Even Analysis
• Tax Credits, Incentives & Stimulus Funding ID
• Debt Planning & Reduction

Business Financial Reporting:

• Financial Results & Reporting
• Financial Statements
• Budget-to-Actual Reporting
• Variable vs. Fixed Expense Reporting

Business Financial Management:

• Operational Reviews
• Operational Controls
• Accounting & Bookkeeping Accuracy
• Labor Cost Management
• Accountability Management

Organizational Representation:

• IRS Representation
• Board Representation
• CEO Reporting Coaching & Support

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