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Family Estate Plans, Trusts, Wills &
Business Succession Planning - Jacksonville, FL

At Brock CPA, we provide comprehensive financial planning for Jacksonville families, individuals and businesses. This includes family estate plans, trusts, wills, foundations, and business succession planning. Often, personal estate and business succession planning overlap.In either case, strategic tax planning is critical to preserving wealth and assuring the most efficient transference of assets from one generation to the next.

Our Estate, Trusts & Business Succession services include:

Personal Estate Planning Services:

Personal estate planning is invaluable, especially for high net worth individuals and those earning over $1M annually. Few people truly understand it. Brock CPA works together with
attorneys, investment professionals, insurance brokers and appraisers to create a plan for the
future transfer of your estate, assets or business to your beneficiaries. We focus on minimizing
or eliminating your estate tax liability, along with the details of your family dynamics and
business succession concerns. Having an estate plan in place can save your family lots of
money, time and heartache.

• Family Estate Plans & End-of-Life Planning
• Minimization of Estate & Inheritance Taxes (Federal, State & Local)
• Asset Protection
• Living Trusts & Last Trusts*
• Living Wills & Last Wills*
• Private Family Foundation Succession Plans

Business Succession Planning:

No matter the stage of life, having a sound business succession plan is important for most business owners and absolutely critical for others. Business succession planning is a strategy for passing leadership roles – often company ownership – to another employee, group or family member upon the exit of current leaders due to death, retirement or other reasons.

Business succession plans for small business and family business owners regularly overlap into estate planning. This can be a very sensitive area where family dynamics come into play. Developing a smart, well-defined succession plan is essential to keeping your family business working optimally in any potential scenario.

• Business Succession Plans & Exit Strategies
• Asset Protection & Risk Reduction
• Minimization of Business and Personal Taxes (Federal, State & Local)
• Ownership Transference
• Business Valuation*
• Cross-Purchase Agreements*

* Brock CPA works closely with attorneys, investment advisors and other professionals to best serve our clients. We are happy to make referrals to trusted partners when needed.

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