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Tax Planning, Prep & Compliance - Jacksonville, FL

Whether business or personal, diligent, forward-thinking tax planning, preparation and compliance is the best possible way to limit your present and future tax liabilities and achieve the best possible outcomes for this and coming tax years. And the best way to ensure this is to get expertise and guidance from the knowledgeable tax professionals at Brock CPA in Jacksonville FL. We go beyond compliance, and look ahead to manage the impact of taxes to help grow your business, and improve your financial situation.

We stay up-to-date with ever-changing tax laws and work with you to analyze changes in your business and personal situation to see how tax law changes may impact you. We take your short, medium and long-term goals into account to create strategies designed to enhance your profitability and net worth. We pride ourselves in smart, ethical, accurate and timely tax planning, preparation and filing.

Our Tax Services include:

Tax Planning & Strategy:

• Strategic Tax Planning for Businesses & Individuals
• International Tax Planning
• Tax Credits and Incentives Analysis
• Cost Segregation Studies & Depreciation Strategies
• Amended Returns, Claims for Refund & Accounting Methods or Period Change Requests

Tax Preparation, Filing & Compliance:

• Tax Prep, Filing & Compliance for Businesses & Individuals
• Federal Income Tax Returns
• Filing of State and Local Taxes
• Tangible Personal Property Tax Returns

Tax Resolution Services:

• Tax Problem Resolution for Businesses & Individuals
• IRS and State Tax Authorities Representation
• Extensive knowledge of IRS and State Tax Laws

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