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Successfully running a business requires technical financial expertise and strategic planning. Many business owners struggle with both of these, as they often aren’t financial professionals and they always have too much to do. At Brock CPA, we offer business advisory services that provide assistance in these specific areas.

When a new client comes to us seeking assistance with their business, we first familiarize ourselves with their company and address any immediate issue. We’re then able to turn our attention to longer-term planning, focusing on what will help a business grow and be more successful.

For new businesses, this work often involves laying a foundation that will position the company well in the future. We might help founders decide what type of entity to set a business up as, how to secure the financing they need and how to set up a strong ownership structure.

For established businesses, we might focus on how to incentivize and retain key personnel, how to bring in new owners and investors, how to acquire another company, or how to sell a division of a company. Exactly what we do depends on what a particular business needs.

At all times, we’re conscious of cash flow and how it impacts a business. We frequently help clients improve their cash flow management by developing projections, creating capital strategies, and reviewing operations for efficiency and effectiveness. Our goal is to prevent cash flow emergencies and help increase overall profitability, and we’ve done this many times.

Whether your business is just getting started or has been around forever, contact the team at Brock CPA when you need help with technical or strategic planning. We’ll study your business and find ways to maximize its potential.


The Brock CPA Team