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Stockholders, private investors and creditors all want financial assurances, which are provided via statements. Depending on what your business’ investors and creditors are asking for, we at Brock CPA offer a couple of document preparation services that can appease outside parties.

Compilation services are the more basic option of the two. For this, our team relies on information that you or your management team provides to prepare the necessary financial documents.We rely on our general understanding of your business and expertise in accounting to create the statements, and those statements are then presented to your business or the appropriate third party.

Since compiling doesn’t include any form of inquiry into your business’ practices, this service doesn’t provide any level of assurance from our firm. We simply make available information that your business provides. Compilation services may be used in place of full disclosure financial statements, depending on what an investor or creditor wants to know.

Review services
go one step further and involve a review of your business. The review process involves surveying company personnel and looking at analytical procedures, and any insights gained are applied to the financial data that needs to be presented.Because we actually review what your business’ people and books, this service does provide some level of assurance. Specifically, we provide limited assurance that your business is in line with the U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. 

Review services let your business utilize the technical expertise of a CPA without undergoing a full audit.

If your business needs assistance with presenting financial reports to investors and/or creditors, contact the team of professionals at Brock CPA. We’ll help you decide whether compilation or review services are more appropriate in your situation.


Daniel and the team at Brock CPA