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Business owners today have access to a great deal of financial information, and the sheer volume of information creates challenges.

Not only does sorting through the data take time, but business owners also need to know where to find relevant information and how to use the information when evaluating options.

Certified financial officer advisory services give business owners access to a knowledgeable financial professional who can provide guidance, without requiring businesses to hire a C-level financial executive.

CFO advisory services can take on several different forms, with some businesses consulting their advisor just once and others meeting on a regular (e.g. monthly) basis. In all cases, however, the CFO advisor will first get to know a business. The initial phase usually beings with addressing an imminent issue that a business faces, and then this may grow into a continued advisory relationship.

The issues that a CFO advisor can assist with are diverse and include almost any financial situation a business faces. Many entrepreneurs first hire an advisor when they set up their business, but owners of established businesses also come to advisors when they face additional tax issues. In some situations, a CFO advisor functions akin to a board of directors and provides ongoing guidance as needed.

Moreover, a CFO advisor is able to (and often does) work with other consultants and advisors to provide business owners with the most comprehensive guidance possible. Depending on the situation a business needs help with, a CFO advisor might worth with legal professionals, other financial professionals or even other types of consultants.

If you need help with a financial business decision, contact the team at Brock CPA. We assist an array of businesses with diverse financial needs, and we’re committed to helping you thoroughly analyze your business’ situation so that you can make an informed decision and do what’s best for the business.Regards,
Daniel and the team at Brock CPA