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Dear Clients, Friends & Valued Partners,

On November 14th, Brock CPA will be celebrating its 5th year in business. On behalf of our entire team, we would like to thank you for your valued business and support over the past five years, and helping us grow into one of Jacksonville’s most trusted one-stop, full-service CPA firms. We could not have done it without you!

As a third-generation CPA, helping businesses and individuals minimize their tax liabilities, navigate financial challenges, and maximize growth opportunities, have always been in my blood. After working for one of the Northeast Florida’s largest accounting, consulting and wealth advisory firms for over a decade, I always felt that there was a need for more personalized, relationship-based financial consulting services, and our success has confirmed that belief.

While we are reflecting on our exciting milestone this November, it is impossible not to also think about the historic economic and financial challenges our nation has faced over the past two years related to the global pandemic, not to mention the heavy toll on human life, itself. Throughout this time, we have strived to be a helpful advocate for our clients, working with them to navigate the evolving hurdles brought about by COVID-19 and to formulate strategies to protect their businesses and families.

Whether assisting with tax planning and preparation; compiling financial statements; helping clients understand stimulus related tax credits and loans; staying on top of changing local, state and federal tax laws; or assisting with personal finances and estate planning, we’ve committed ourselves to being available for all our clients’ needs during this pivotal time in our history.

Through it all, we’ve learned important lessons about resilience in business and in life, finding the strength to persevere, and refocusing on those things that are truly most important in life – things like family and friends, and our connection to and dependence on one another.

During this month of Thanksgiving, on the eve of our special anniversary, and as we emerge from these challenging times together, we want to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for all of you. Thank you for being there for us, for trusting us, referring us to your friends and business associates, and growing with us.

Rest assured that even as we fix our eyes on the future, we will always remain committed to those values that were established at our founding: a dedication to honesty & integrity, accuracy & efficiency, and most of all, cherishing personal relationships.

Thank you again, and may you enjoy a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving with your family & friends.

Daniel C. Brock, CPA

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